Venice Loft to Touch with 3D World by Serafien De Rijckerdreef

Choosing coastal neighborhood in Los Angeles, it seems that the brilliance 3D master Serafien De Rijckerdreef tries to visualize the gorgeous loft in Venice into such warm dwelling facing beachfront. Using scratch method to fill the interior with, it is really full of vibrant nuance of massive use of light. High ceiling with skyline should be the perfect one to let the light forcing the interior. With reddish brick wall surrounding, it is not a posh design, but the nuance is more than majestic.

Low to earth living space seems to follow Japanese design. It completes the design with black rug and large low coffee table in front of a fireplace. Bar glassy window attached on the wall seems to rob the outside view vividly. Stepping back, finding the adjoining dining kitchen space would inspire you to hang out. Filled with several rustic appliances like rustic dining table, cabinet and also stairs, this space is likely to bring you experiencing the past time. Timber floor with creamy rug is helpful to stand on the cold. Even the kitchen is made similar to bar with blackboard on the cabinet countertop.

Double short modest chairs in the living space are readily to welcome you with their soft and posh surface. Differ the floor from timber to wooden flooring style, it relates to the warmth need once the snowy moment is about to come. There is no swivel chair in front of the desk, but a round puff must be more comfortable to work in enjoyable nuance. Crystal vase on the coffee table shows the angelic look to break the classic rustic design. Unique storage stacked by the wall would be a good one keeping your book collection. No other than classic pictures spruce the interior, but they really defines the loft dwelling into such adorable mounted design.

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