South Korean House of W+ Residence by 100 A Architect

Thinking a house like an empty bowl to receive more memories is somehow logic and inspires 100 A to design a residence which is able to load timeless memories of the owner. Taking place at Yangpyeong Moonhori, it juggles natural landscape into unfamiliar building. Letting the rest to be the green environment, the more unique the building is, the more exciting place to stay at. Engaging nature with architecture is somehow not too easy. However,  the result shows how emotion brings unusual thing into a great memorial in the middle of endless landscape.

Designed in L shape, this dwelling offers you outdoor wooden banquette to catch autumn leaves. With rough stony fence surrounding, it tries to not border the nature with contemporary touch. Glassy door attached to the design blinds the border between indoor and outdoor successfully. Less solid brick arrangement layered with glass material seems to attract more light to come trough inside the interior. Opening white drape of the window lets the living space flooded with sunlight. Due to the cold weather in Korea, it is important to rob plenty of sunlight. Walking straightly deeper to the design, the concrete staircase leads you to the home office which is also the perfect angle to sweep the panorama.

Going higher, there is the corner kitchen designed like bar with large glassy window opening the nuance. Unfamiliar dining space is likely to introduce you combination of acrylic chairs and wooden bench with furnished wooden table. To compromise with the airy tone, wooden floor seems to be the most appropriate style to create warmer ambience. Cultivating a tree in the backyard is infestation to make your house shady while the neighborhood is getting crowded. Side staircase leads you to the rooftop to overlook the landscape. It is the privilege advantage to live in suburb, serene and peaceful to have contemplation.

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