Sinking in Scandinavian Apartment of Hogalid in Sweden

Taking place in Hogalid, district of Stockholm, Sweden, this is firmly a studio apartment. Full with white pantone as the dominant tone touches the design with several accents showing intimate emotion for every single inch. Throwing your eyes outside, there is nothing but two tall trees with their custom autumn smell. Welcoming the entrance is best with the small mudroom dressed in white backdrop. It is quite simple with only hooks and rustic shoes rack on the floor. Forgetting the floor, it is white wooden deck style with brown rug upon it.

Further, leading to the living space, all white nuances is just awesome to relieve your fatigue. White couch and black white pictures stick on the wall bring you post classic nuance. Brightening in white, the floor lamp seems to break the tone with bit golden touch of the light. A white coffee table with two candelabrums matches the storage by the wall. Walking further into the room, it is the kitchen to split out its cute black white tone. Designed in double height, it is true that the massive use of recessed cabinet is perfect. Touching the backdrop with black words presents the owner personality to be a book lover.

There is nothing great but the glassy window to transfer you stunning look of outdoor view. Cracked with white trellis, it is getting more and more awesome to add some decorative plants on the banquette. Mini bed beneath the window is amazing to breathe fresh air directly from the window while asleep with a book open in your hand. Small closet in the corner of the room should be arranged perfectly to meet the limited space due to the small size. Bringing brick backsplash in the kitchen, it really touches the plain white apartment with pinkish sandy look.

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