Quindiciquattro: a Refined House in Italy by Fabio Fantolino

Relax. This single word is likely adequate to describe this private refined house in Italy. One of many great projects of Fabio Fantolini, this house is finished in 2013. Every inch in the house is designed due to emotional feeling. Loving the life is worth every part of the house. Therefore, there are some corners showing how supposedly to live. There is no buzz in the interior, but everything is set with space for Zen ambience.

Warm, exclusive, and spacious are the words to express your impression toward the living space. It really tries to pamper you with a room that gloriously brings the natural light creeping the interior freely. Adjoining three important spots in a large space is somehow perfect to elevate the intimacy. Placed aside the living space, it would be warmer to have your meal while seeing your kids watching cartoon on TV. Further, working is no longer boring with corner office home designed next to the living space. Love, Life are words that make the white backdrop bit alive with the red lines staining the old white black pictures. Two unique coffee tables facing a white banquette would serve you with family and friends the greatest time to spend together.

In addition, it is kind of pride to sit on a luxurious white couch while your back is spruced by a scratched wooden panel leaning on the wall. One word to say, amazing! Metallic ornament placed upon a cabinetry defines your character as the owner. Perfect modern lighting attached to the dining table is really stunning to bring the nuance just like in a bar. Meanwhile, spotting the memorable moment in the kitchen is also awesome. Sitting on the black stools is alluring while the rustic bar in front of you easily serves many things you need. Again, nothing to wait but the open bedroom gives you enjoyable posh atmosphere.

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