Mexico Private Residence of Casa PN by ZD + A

ZD + A perfectly designed a private residence in Mexico City, Mexico, with the name of Casa PN. This amazing residence was built in 2011. Beneath the sky, it nests in peaceful nuance surrounded with greenery. Built in three stories building, this dwelling offers you different taste for each angle. Three-volume building stunningly unite into a pile of cubic house design. With unique screening to the top floor, it uses plenty of wooden deck to cover the glassy enclosure from direct heat of the sun.

Meanwhile, both the ground and the second floor are similarly appears in gray look with its rough wall decoration. Massive use of glassy material to the design, it opens wider access to enjoy the outside nuance from the interior. Unwillingly to apart with greenery, smart idea to juggle the second rooftop to be a garden. It is not too large house, but on the hand of ZD + A architect, everything is just adorable to spend the time at. Just like the rustic bench in front of the house shaded with crowded vegetation. Captivating open living space could be the core of the design with interior waterfall decoration.

Further, enjoying your meal is getting more and more comfortable right in the outdoor dining space. Combination of rustic wooden table with wire and cantilever chairs is really awesome. Right on the rough ground with no paved floor, it should be a romantic classic meal time to enjoy. Entering the house bathed with natural light, welcoming first is the pantone palette attached on the wall. Further, the large bookshelves also give strong look to the interior. Adjoining the dining kitchen space in the house looks very gorgeous with wooden panel accent on the white backdrop. Thanks to the sliding glass door in the home office to give seamless connection to the backyard.

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