Matt Fajkus Architecture Exhibits Private Tree House in Texas USA

Tree House seems to refer to a house on tree branch, but actually, it is not too far. A house in Texas tries to bring together the meaning into a modern house treated like a tree house. The hand of Matt Fajkus to grab the nuance of shady and comfortable dwelling builds it. Nestled near oak live, it is sweet to be welcomed by natural oak canopy right from the entrance. Unbelievable trait to balance the nuance with shadow and light together is such a brilliant idea.

Two stories building with concrete and wooden wall combination is likely to engage between modern and natural style. Extended wing of the right and left side must be the greatest trial to melt perfectly with nature. Stunning design of mounted windows with glass filling bring the outdoor fresh look inside. It is not hard to bath the interior in such bright nuance since the sun is shining all the day. Double height path seems to be the perfect spot to build skyline. Different level of living and dining space is not to sharp with only short partition that is still visible.

Texturing the interior with black and white ornament is the best. To touch it with modern style, chevron rug elegantly colors the living space beautifully along with the white couch. Gorgeous sculptural stairs leading upstairs is stunning with cubic ornament for each step. To sleep serenely, open bedroom seems to be the best place to relax and calm while doing yoga. The glassy sliding door also gives you access to the private terrace aside. The same tone happens to the bathroom with glassy sliding door that connects you with the surrounding vividly. Wooden stage of the outdoor terrace under the oak tree looks awesome with the rough ground accent aside. Having this house feels like living in paradise.

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