Lamonts Art Port: Pavilion Exhibiting Versatility in Southampton New York

Stelle Lamont Rouhani Architect brilliantly designs a free pavilion in the great city of Southampton in New York, USA. It’s really a house with plenty of entertainment from the design itself to the environment. It looks posh to exhibit art dealer both to comfort the owner and the guests. It at least creates dramatic entrance to the main house from the pavilion with bamboo garden. Connecting two volumes under one flat roof is really amazing. Stepping on the walkway slashing the garden brings you to feel the nature sincerely.

In addition, from the garage, it is obvious how this house is made truthfully with art. Automatic flip door of the garage shows the sophisticated side of the design. Made of glassy material with wooden bars, it shares the luxury inside to outside. Great black wall surrounding the house seems to keep the nuance becoming more intimate with high privacy. An open additional garage allows the guest to park elegantly under the flat roof. Wooden pathway leading to the house is readily installed straightly from the garage to the house. Wonderful!

It is true if we say the house as a hidden luxury because it looks rustic and old fashion, but actually it has many posh appliances to enjoy. Entering the main house, it is an open living space with greenery as the backdrop. Relax lying on the black plaid leather sleeper would be more awesome while opening the glassy door aside. A cup of coffee and a newspaper may start your day on the single modest chair placed aside the coffee table. Deserving more food and beverages, the kitchen is easy accessed in the living room. It is small, but the wine racks stick on the wall enables you to dream more. Again, living in a private residence is stunning, even a bathroom; it is designed in an open style. Dare you to try?

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