Homey Stirling as Extraordinary Home Living in Sydney

Plenty of houses in the interior design have their own unique characteristic. It is similar with Stirling, which becomes amazing house that was built by Mac-Interactive Architects in Sydney, Australia. This house is the result of fusion between modern, minimalist and contemporary concepts. From the outside you can see its shape, which has contemporary cube shape with slope roof. Then, it is made from solid wooden material as its whole walls. In order to make it more beautiful and clean, the designer sets glass wall and windows on it. Actually, the wall is made from concrete material that is covered by old wooden panels cover the entire exterior.

One more thing, from its exterior you can only see small space to get inside on its small door. Its front has no large space yet the side of it you can see this house is actually large. Mac-Interactive Architects has built this house by maximizing its small land. When you get inside, the calm and homey atmospheres appear so strong. Look at the entryway that has traditional fireplace inside the laminated wooden divider. It is the combination of contemporary and traditional style.

This house serves thousand relaxing nuance, as you can see in the picture, what’s your opinion by seeing that outdoor patio with comfy dining set? Yeah, a paradise in which beautifully built on the small space. The wooden deck on that patio has curve seat with green plants decoration. Then, the inner space has large blonde wooden dining table with three contemporary chairs. Scandinavian theme would be best matched in here that’s brought by white Scandinavian floral sofas. Well, you can get in any spot by simple wooden staircases. It also has small workspace that utilizes the small room with all white theme with l shaped office table. Oh yeah, this is clever design that brings people into modern way of living.

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