Feeling Singaporean Architecture through White Oak House by Atelier M + A

It should be a big project to renovate a 25 years old condominium in Singapore. On the hand of Atelier, it turns into an awesome dwelling completed with its L shape surrounded with solid wall. Brilliance idea to knock down the wall is by replacing it with the use of cabinets. Instead of only thinking about the functions, it also brings spatial transition into the interior, so it can be more spacious to distribute more use.

In addition, an open living space is purposively designed in modest style with wooden leather sofa confronting the entertaining TV. Thank to the large sliding door that enables the room to breathe fresh air during the day. Smart use of floating storage also saves bit space for another use. Cool small kitchen in U shape shows it is alluring to nest in such narrow space cutely with vibrant yellow red stools accompanying. Opening the nuance through glassy window is wise to minimize the use of electricity. Narrow slot of the kitchen facing the living space seems to imitate bar design.

It is the dining space that looks tied together to the living space. Now, it is getting more intimate to gather with family while having meal or watching TV. Gorgeous room distribution is just presented by the T shape of the office desk that allows the owner to work in cozy and homey nuance. Beautiful path with wooden floor leads you to the white built in closet with frosted glass door. Designed like an island, the bed elegantly lay in the middle of the room facing the large glassy window. Taking other space with window for the kids shared bedroom is also awesome. Again, it needs cabinet to cut the entire nuance. It must be prestigious to shower in such white, clean, compact, and modern bathroom. Amazing!

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